“A light on the journey, illuminating the mystery."

“Transformational on levels I can’t begin to relate.”

“I kinda felt like a kid again, believing that wonderful magical things can happen at any moment.”

At Intuitive Being, we are firm believers that the best evidence is our own direct, personal experience of healing.  We’ve seen amazing things for ourselves, but like most people, we were skeptical when we first learned about many of the tools that we now routinely use.  We all always “kick the tires” on any new alternative healing modality and look for holes.

So we don’t necessarily expect you to believe everything we say, at first.  Seeing, as they say, is believing, and we believe that you will believe based on your own direct experiences.

In the meantime, however, here are a few testimonials from clients who have worked with our practitioners on their own health and evolution.


I have been looking forward to my next session. I have definitely been feeling more even and I’ve noticed that when presented with negativity, the negative thoughts are rolling out of my head and off my shoulders more easily.

- Kimberly S.

“The effect of (my session) was huge … What I got out of my session provides, in my opinion, solid physical proof in the applicability of the muscle testing Dan does.”
“I first came in for a session after watching firsthand, the benefits that my girlfriend received from just one session! Feeling that “something was off” with my own personal energy body/mind, I decided to book a session and see what could be done. I had this session 2 weeks ago, and I am just now able to unravel everything that happened to me since! First of all, I feel like it organized, and then unleashed a flow of energy that allowed/forced me to take care of some things. This was great, because I had a lot to do! Second, Dan was able to tell that my sacral chakra was operating on a VERY low level. He considered it “on the brink of death”, before restoring it as much as he could. The effect of this was huge. Previously, I had no idea that I was feeling this weird “butterfly” feeling in my sacral chakra when I thought about situations that were causing me stress in my life. This feeling was no longer present after leaving the office. The lack of this feeling brought my attention to it, and I realized that I had just been coping with that feeling (and subsequently, the stress) instead of dealing with it. The third thing I got out of my session provides, in my opinion, solid physical proof in the applicability of the muscle testing Dan does. He was able to tell that I was being exposed to mold, but from an unexpected place, and he couldn’t quite figure out from where. He said I was having a reaction of sorts to it. 1 week later my girlfriend and I were moving houses. When we picked up our bed, I found what Dan was alluding to. Almost 2/3 of the underside of our memory foam mattress was COVERED in mold! NASTY! I was having issues sleeping and having issues with some pretty bad night sweats, but couldn’t figure it out. Well, needless to say, we bought a brand new mattress and I’ve been sleeping deeply with no sweating ever since. If you’re reading this, you are probably considering booking a session. There might be some reason you are not consciously aware of that is directing you here. That’s what happened to me, and I found out that I was sleeping on a mold farm! I can’t wait to see what comes up in future sessions!”

Brett S.

“The road of personal spiritual evolution is often times foggy with subconscious flavors that elude your ability to integrate back to wholeness. No matter how far down the road you might feel you are, whether you are just beginning to explore your spiritual freedoms or have been travelling your whole life, it becomes essential to ask for directions in parts of the Universe you have yet to explore, the parts you can’t see. Perhaps it seems as if those foggy parts of the journey are futile, scary and unavailable keeping you on the same roads, experiencing the same things, leaving you feeling trapped in a limited reality.

Dan Larsen over at Intuitive Being is a light on the journey, illuminating the mystery of the fog and opening doors that felt as if they were cemented shut. I will be forever grateful for the work we have done together. In just one session he has facilitated the release of deep, old traumatic thought-forms that have dramatically inhibited my life’s expression with flowing professionalism. I look forward to continuing our work together as I re-learn how to fly! Thank you so much!”

- Deon K.

“I had a mini session with Mandy … I was seeking help with my jaw tightness, something I deal with every day and have been for many years… I was very skeptical, I figured I wouldn’t feel much, but instead I DID feel a shift.. I kinda felt like a kid again, believing that wonderful magical things can happen at any moment. Anyways, I am still not quite sure of what approach she used or how these results came to be, but after she was finished I felt an incredible amount of release in my jaw area, and I slept better… which is priceless in my book. I plan to continue to work with her, not only to get to the bottom of this jaw situation but also to learn some new tools for myself and my life long journey of healing. Thank you, Intuitive Being, for bringing this work to Olympia!”

- Rebecca C.