“A light on the journey, illuminating the mystery."

“Transformational on levels I can’t begin to relate.”

“I kinda felt like a kid again, believing that wonderful magical things can happen at any moment.”

At Intuitive Being, we are firm believers that the best evidence is our own direct, personal experience of healing.  We’ve seen amazing things for ourselves, but like most people, we were skeptical when we first learned about many of the tools that we now routinely use.  We all always “kick the tires” on any new alternative healing modality and look for holes.

So we don’t necessarily expect you to believe everything we say, at first.  Seeing, as they say, is believing, and we believe that you will believe based on your own direct experiences.

In the meantime, however, here are a few testimonials from clients who have worked with our practitioners on their own health and evolution.


Words do not always come easy when an important person comes into your life. What is left is the aftermath of how you are changed by that person’s presence. Meeting and working with Dan has helped me to heal myself and four generations of ancestors on my matriarchal family tree. By healing my past and my present, I have attained a level of empowerment I have been searching for most of my life.

Working through bitterness and anger, Dan has revealed where my energy has been stuck and how to reignite my passion for life through the power of awareness and choice.

Gently assisting in the reframing and clearing of trauma, old systems of fear have been released with ease. Applying shamanic healing with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, the intuitive sessions have assisted in balancing and restoring my male and female sides. Trust and healthier ways of being have opened new paths in my life with my intuitive sessions.

Dan has shed light on the darkest depths of my unconscious with the deepest care and compassion. Dan has acted as a guide through the underworld to assist me with burying and sealing the past with beauty and grace. I am finally free to live my life with joy. The immense gratitude I feel for the intuitive sessions and healing reaches out into universe with a sense of magic, beauty, and wonder. No longer carrying around baggage I have been working on releasing for years, I am liberated and empowered to pursue my soul calling.

Dan provides many modalities that sooth and realign the senses to a higher frequency and state of consciousness. The use of compassionate counseling, sound therapy, crystals, kinesiology, and muscle testing allows for mind, body, spirit healing that transforms old patterns into new ways of being for the highest good of all. Thank you Dan and Oly Float!

- Ginger W.



So far I’ve had several sessions with Dan…Absolutely incredible!! I learned so much about my false belief systems, epigenetic challenges I was trying to overcome as well as other emotional walls that I needed help with clearing. This truly is something amazing and life profound. I feel 100% empowered with my new knowledge. I feel lighter, happier and more energized to continue being the best most truest me. I’m looking forward to more sessions with Dan. and receiving his support and clearing abilities. The location is as very professional, relaxing and a nice calming environment. I’m excited to try the floating soon there as well. Highly recommend Dan, this has changed my life.

- Jennifer W.

I’ve seen Dan quite a few times, but there’s one session I remember like it was just yesterday!  I’m not one to get emotional or overly stressed, but just a few days before New Years of 2020 I lost my marbles! I texted Dan, he got me right in, I walked out feeling full of light and there was 0 stress or feeling overwhelmed!

- Tatyana G.

I actually came across Dan at Intuitive Being by accident (I’m pretty sure I was guided). When I arrived, I just went with it and soon found out that they have an entire range of counseling and wellness services. I never left and have been seeing Dan for years!

The relief, healing, and lightness you feel from the kinesiology, reiki, and other energy work is beyond words. It’s so amazing! Dan is so comfortable, objective, and looks at things from a whole different perspective, offering introspection and healing. Dan will take the time to explain and teach you things while providing sound advice and actionable items to help you learn and grow. Dan is fantastic and really good at what he does. Highly recommended, and I’d recommend anyone to incorporate this into their regular routine.

- Amanda B.