“The road of personal spiritual evolution is often times foggy with subconscious flavors that elude your ability to integrate back to wholeness. No matter how far down the road you might feel you are, whether you are just beginning to explore your spiritual freedoms or have been travelling your whole life, it becomes essential to ask for directions in parts of the Universe you have yet to explore, the parts you can’t see. Perhaps it seems as if those foggy parts of the journey are futile, scary and unavailable keeping you on the same roads, experiencing the same things, leaving you feeling trapped in a limited reality.

Dan Larsen over at Intuitive Being is a light on the journey, illuminating the mystery of the fog and opening doors that felt as if they were cemented shut. I will be forever grateful for the work we have done together. In just one session he has facilitated the release of deep, old traumatic thought-forms that have dramatically inhibited my life’s expression with flowing professionalism. I look forward to continuing our work together as I re-learn how to fly! Thank you so much!”

- Deon K.