Dan quickly became a trusted mentor, colleague, and friend during our time together. Dan is a rare individual who understands both the art and science of marketing, and time and time again has proven that the two disciplines can be combined to achieve marketing success.

As a marketer, Dan created projects and properties that performed. He was instrumental in driving continuous improvement, challenging peers and leaders to refine marketing messages to be increasingly relevant and actionable. Dan is conversant in both business needs and technology solutions – and can help all members of teams understand each other while leading everyone towards shared success.

Although we no longer work directly together, Dan remains a valued peer – he’s one of the first people I turn to when I have an idea I want to bounce off someone. I know he will give me thoughtful, realistic feedback based on his considerable experience, and I’ve come to rely on his instinct and insight. He’s a great guy to kick the big, hairy questions of marketing – and life – around with.

Dan is a true subject matter expert of the intersection of marketing and technology, and I recommend him without reservation.

- Branden M.