Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds

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Seven Logics For Peaceful Living

I saw this circling the social media sphere today, and agree 100% with 6 out of its 7 points.  So, so true.

Except with time healing all, as they say.

The Emotion Code work we do demonstrates without question that some things are not healed with time alone.  Some things don’t just dissipate.  You might stop consciously thinking about them.  Maybe.  But they’re still there, lurking beneath the surface, taking up space in your subconscious mind and in your body, manifesting, growing, affecting how your health – both physical and mental – develops over time.

That sibling who constantly called you “worthless” when you were a child?  Time alone doesn’t make that go away.   That parent who beat you and told you to “suck it up” or just “be a man”?  Nope.  Not going away all by itself.  The sense of failure about that divorce?  Forgotten, perhaps, some years later, but not gone.

If you take a sandwich and throw it under the rug, it doesn’t just go away with time.  It rots, festers, the mold eats whatever it can on the sandwich.  Best case scenario, the mold runs out of sustenance and you’re left with a big black splat on your floor, taking up space with its deceased mass.  Worst case scenario, the mold spreads, grows, becomes even more toxic and destroys your rug.

ASeven-Logics-For-Peaceful-Living---Failure silly analogy perhaps, but in Emotion Code parlance, on a psychological level these are called “Trapped Emotions“.  And they can block optimal flow of energy, or in the case of severely negative emotions bring their own distorted energy with them, laying the groundwork for development of disease, imbalance in organ function or hormone levels, negative personal or professional patterns; all manner of interruptions to optimal health and well being.  And time alone … doesn’t necessarily make them go away.

At Intuitive Being, we do what time alone often cannot, and delve into when, where and how emotional experiences become lodged in your body and subconscious mind, and help you learn how to get rid of them so they can no longer hold you back from being the pure, or true, you.


Contact us or make an appointment.  We’d love to help you explore what time alone cannot heal and find solutions to your emotional baggage that are more effective than just running out the clock.

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