“I’ve seen Mandy for cranio-sacral work and good old-fashioned massage and both were great. I hadn’t had any previous experience with cranio-sacral work and, honestly, was a little sceptical, but the first session with Mandy was really transcendent. Most recently, I’ve started weaving on a production level and found that the repetitive motion was affecting my shoulders. Mandy expertly found every little muscle fiber and tendon that was affected, including ones I hadn’t even realized down the sides of my ribs and up through my forearms, and massaged them loose. When I asked her for suggestions, she had several great ideas for stretches that would help me with self-care as I adjust to the new activity.

A simple explanation of what she’s good at doesn’t capture the magic of Mandy. She’s a charming, knowledgeable, intense, connected healer.”

- DeAnna D.