Our Healing Space


Intuitive Being is proud to share an office at The Soul Space with Oly Float, Goldroot Botanical Medicine, and Prescence Heals (Victoria Bitar).   Collectively, the team at The Soul Space set out to create a different type of healing arts center. An escape. A retreat. A space for you to unwind, relax, discover, regenerate. A place where you could come to leave the world behind you, if only for a while, and discover you again.

Styled with natural wood tones from maple tables and pine countertops that were hand-milled from timber sourced in Olympia, adorned with soothing Himalayan salt crystal lamps, and filled with lush plants and sounds of nature, we strive to make the aesthetic of our healing arts center the opposite of clinical. Vibrant. Relaxing. A space of self-love and expansion. A healing space for your soul.

Our healing partners bring a huge selection of modalities that all compliment Intuitive Being’s services beautifully, including cranio sacral therapy, botanical medicine, metahuman sciences and more.



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