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"Seeing Is Believing", Justin Totemical

What if we told you that every emotion you ever experienced, every sensation felt, every memory made … was all stored in your subconscious mind, and is accessible to you any time you want? That these stored emotions carried their own unique energy that manifested in your body as illness, pain or blockages to success?

What if we told you that you inherit emotions from your ancestors, like energetic DNA; that they almost literally hand you their emotional baggage to carry around?

And what if we told you that we all have the capacity to access the subconscious mind with some highly simple techniques that literally anybody can learn, with some focus and dedication to the practice?

It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? It did to us too. Until we saw it work, and tried it ourselves.

The practitioners at Intuitive Being are generally science-driven rational skeptics. Without demonstrable evidence, we tend to believe the unbelievable only when we see it for ourselves. We also know that on a quantum mechanical level, there is far more that we humans do not understand than that which we do. The inter-connection of all beings in the universe is massively complex, and we don’t pretend to understand the mechanics of how it all works. Dr. Bradley Nelson, who developed The Emotion Code protocol, wisely tells his patients: I just work here!

Let’s perhaps start with what Subconscious Communication and Intuitive Being is not.

You can expand each section to see a little more explanation.

+It's not 'magic'
We didn’t go to Hogwarts to study this stuff; this practice is based in quantum mechanics, not wizardry.

+We're not psychic
Though there certainly are some amazing clairvoyants in Olympia, we’re not among them. Though it might sometimes look like it, we don’t “read minds”; we read what the relative strength or weakness of your body tells us about your mind.

+We're not doctors
We didn’t go to medical school, we don’t diagnose or cure diseases. We’re more like messengers. We tell you what your body tells us, then we tell your subconscious what you want to do with the emotions and memories that are affecting you in unconstructive ways.

+We're not psychotherapists
We don’t quiz your conscious mind; we help you investigate the subconscious roots of your imbalances. The process is more akin to hypnotherapy than psychotherapy.

Well, that leaves the obvious question: What is Subsconscious Communication?

The human body is weak when it experiences something that is negative or false (such as a “No” response to a question), and is strong when it experiences something that is positive or true (a “Yes” response to a question). We use this binary (yes/no) questioning to seek answers from the subconscious mind. Sort of like Googling your subconscious.

This process, called Applied Kinesiology or “muscle testing”, is well-established and has been used by physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists and psychologists for over 50 years.  How this technique blends with energy therapies such as reiki is a developing field, and one that Intuitive Being and its partners are happy and excited to be a part of.

We use muscle testing (also known as Applied Kinesiology) to ask your body these binary questions that help us investigate with you the emotional and inherited roots of your imbalances, be they mental/emotional or physiological.
The simplest and most visible form of Applied Kinesiology is testing your arm strength. We typically use this only initially to demonstrate that the process works. After that we could do muscle testing that involves your body directly, or you can simply relax on the massage table while we do the testing for you.
+Amazingly accurate
It sounds incredible, but your subconscious mind can tell us about everything you’ve ever directly experienced, when you experienced it, how it made you feel, and whether you’re still feeling it today.
The stories of success with this technique are pretty diverse and amazing. We’ve used it to relieve TMJ pain (professional angst), help with insomnia (related to ancestry of witch burnings), alleviate skin conditions, make warring cats get along better, release productivity blockages, among many other issues.
This “power” of asking questions of your subconscious mind might sound like a unnerving amount of access to innermost secrets for some. Or maybe there’s some events that you don’t want to consciously think about again. Don’t worry, if you don’t want to know about what we’re finding as the emotional source of a particular issue, we don’t have to tell you. (The issue is recognized by your conscious mind and then released just the same.) On the flip side, this process has an amazing privacy failsafe that we don’t fully understand but know is there, and that is that this work is conducted only in your greatest good.  (see below)
+Conducted only in your Greatest Good
Your subconscious is a little like a series of safe rooms. If it knows that you don’t want anybody else accessing a certain “room”, it won’t let us. We can’t “Inception” your mind; we can’t learn your secret safe codes. We can only do work that is in your highest good, that will benefit you. The process will simply shut down otherwise.
Similarly to the privacy protection, your subconscious provides protections that prevent too much work being done that might normally risk overwhelming you. Unlike some other approaches to clearing out emotions (volatile exploratory approaches such as ayahuasca come to mind), if you attempt to release too much from your subconscious mind in one go, it will shut down and essentially give you the response, “That’s enough for today.” Sometimes, this might be thousands or possibly millions of emotions in one sitting; other times, it might be just that one particularly difficult emotion or event. Your subconscious has your back, so to speak.

The process is similar to peeling an onion.  The first layer and the last tend to be the most difficult, and while it is massively quicker than the more analytical approach of clinical psychology, it still takes multiple sessions to work through all the layers. 


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