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All of the following techniques are part of the toolkit used by our Mind-Body Therapist, Mandy Zabohne, to facilitate your greatest healing.  She combines subconscious communication and applied kinesiology to seek answers from your body and mind that help direct the flow and focus of sessions with her.

“Transformational on levels I can’t begin to relate … I’ve literally traveled over 2,200 miles to (see) Mandy.” - Kait M.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy 
Rooted in Osteopathic medicine, this technique releases restriction in the structures of the head and spine to optimize circulation of cerebro-spinal fluid, and through this, allow the central nervous system to take care of the body unimpeded. It’s particularly helpful for head injuries, pelvic and lower back pain, headaches, anxiety, and physical and emotional trauma. However, because it works by freeing the body to heal itself, it’s interesting and unpredictable what ends up resolved by cranial work. Cranio-sacral therapy is typically received with clothes on, although it can be integrated into a massage session as well.

Postural Analysis
Many chronic pain problems are caused by misaligned posture. Before we begin, we can check the positions of various bones. The origin of the problem may be far from where the pain manifests – for example, jaw pain can be the ultimate result of an unhealthy tilt in the pelvis. Follow-up measurements after the massage help track progress and help you remember what your goals for better posture feel like.

Swedish Massage
Not actually from Sweden, this describes a comfortable, flowing style which can be performed at light, medium, or deep pressures, useful for both injury treatment and relaxation. It enhances immunity and reduces stress. Relaxing massage can be immensely restorative for insomnia sufferers, because it induces theta waves in the brain and the release of growth hormone, otherwise released during deep sleep.

“I hadn’t had any previous experience with cranio-sacral work and, honestly, was a little sceptical, but the first session with Mandy was really transcendent. A simple explanation of what she’s good at doesn’t capture the magic of Mandy. She’s a charming, knowledgeable, intense, connected healer.”DeAnna D.


Deep Tissue Massage
With little or no oil, specific muscles, tendons, and trigger points (knots) are slowly stretched and released with focused pressure. Not to be confused to with deep-pressure Swedish massage, although the two can be blended together easily.

Lomi Lomi
Meaning “massage” in Hawai’ian, this style is famously gentle yet deep, using abundant oil, long, graceful, looping strokes, and a loving intention similar to Reiki. Although, not being Hawai’ian or apprenticed to a Hawai’ian teaching family, I would not want to claim to practice real Lomi, I enjoy practicing as much as I have learned.

Myofascial Release
Sometimes called “Sports Medicine,” this dry technique slowly holds, rolls, stretches and releases connective tissue specifically, to restore full motion to a joint compromised by adhesions. (Excellent for lower back pain, plantarfascitis, and cramped hands and wrists.)

A subtle healing tradition from Japan, Reiki channels loving universal energy to promote relaxation and healing. The word could be translated to mean “Divine Life Force Energy,” and treatments feel like a glowing, peaceful radiance all around you. Although not well-accepted in the Western medical establishment, it has been respected in Japan for decades, where studies have shown it to not only promote wellness and healing, but also promote increased growth in plants. A recent double-blind study found that rats given real Reiki  heal faster than rats given pretend Reiki. Like cranio-sacral therapy, it is typically received clothed, although it is also part of all my massage sessions.

And Other Things
There are many other techniques and traditions that make up our approach that came in on the coattails of something else. Mandy’s cranio-sacral therapy teacher, the amazing Ursula Popp, is also an acupuncturist in the Five Elements Chinese Medicine tradition, so acupressure, energy meridians and elemental balance is part of how we see people. Her reiki mentor, the equally amazing Jennifer Nevy, also incorporates Shamanism, the chiropractic-inspired energetic techniques of Natural Force Healing, sound healing, aromatherapy, Hands of Light, and many other teachings, which she has found very helpful. She draws on her long-term Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga practice, Vipassana meditation, and worldwide travel, as well as her fascinations with evolutionary biology, nutrition, herbal medicine, chiropractic care, strength training, psychology, political economy, and art. Some of these she incorporates directly, others she recommends investigating with other talented specialists. The priority is always finding what is best for you and building on your network of resources for healing.

At the time you see Mandy, what seems best for that day could be anything. All of the techniques she uses can be integrated into a therapeutic appointment to create a session that works for your unique situation. If you’re feeling drawn to try a lot of things, she recommends a 90-minute or 2-hour session to fully delve into each approach. An hour is also fine, but not long enough for both a full-body massage and deep cranial or energy work.


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