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Any sentient being can be counseled using our subconscious communication techniques.  No matter how large or small, animals feel emotions just as humans do, and those emotions can cause imbalances in their physical and energetic bodies.   For example, dogs are highly prone to emotions related to belonging, being pack animals; perceptions of abandonment or exclusion from “the pack” will result in negative behaviours.  Cats, on the other hand, are always concerned with issues of territory and ownership.  Disturbances in these parts of our animals’ personal worlds can cause some major behavioural issues, unhappiness and physical disease and ailments.

To reiterate, this isn’t some kind of magic.  We’re not “pet psychics”.  We simply report what the strength (or weakness) of messages from your animals’ bodies tells us.  Just like humans, statements that are true, or positive, make animals’ bodies strong; statements that are false, or negative, make them weak.  We use this fact to ask binary questions of their subconscious mind, to triangulate what their emotional reactions are to events in their world.

If you have a dog who bites, or cats who won’t get along, or a horse who won’t be saddled … Intuitive Being can get to the bottom of what’s driving their behaviours.  And as a side benefit, you, human, will learn to understand your animals’ mind a bit better, and be able to adapt your own behaviours and expectations of them accordingly.


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