On Witch-Burning, Ancestors and Insomnia

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Mandy and I worked on a lady recently as part of a practice and skills development session.  Her primary complaint was chronic insomnia.  She shared that she hadn’t really slept for several days, and had been averaging only 2-3 hours of sleep each night.  She was clearly exhausted, slow moving, weighed down.

She got up on the massage table, face down, prepared for some possibly protracted exploration into what might be causing her sleep issues.  Almost immediately, the topic of witches came up for some reason, and while Mandy started exploring for current physiological reasons for her insomnia, she began to share that she had a recurring dream her whole life about being burned at the stake as a witch, and that in her adult years she had investigated her family history and found that one of her ancestors had been burned in a witch trial in Salem, Massachusetts.

While Mandy continued to work, I quickly checked in with her subconscious and asked the question: does the insomnia have anything to do with the ancestor who was burned as a witch?  I got a resounding, “Yes!” and told the “patient” as much.  Immediately, she was overwhelmed and what I can only describe as radiating.  She began to cry right there on the table.  Something profound had just clicked for her, and everyone in the room felt it.

Really, we didn’t seem to actually need to do the clearing for this inherited emotion (though Mandy did, just as a matter of protocol).  The fact that her subconscious mind had made this connection and pushed it up into her conscious awareness was enough.  Her conscious mind was now able to look at those two things together, process the reality of it, then release it.  There and then.  And that is fundamentally what the Emotion Code practice is all about; accessing information that languishes in the subconscious archives, manifesting varying outcomes in the physical body, and forcing the conscious mind to take a good hard look at it and then release it.

The woman almost literally danced out of the office that day.  The exhausted state seemed to have dissipated, and she appeared to have renewed energy to go forth and sleep like a baby.   (Unfortunately, not being a regular client of ours, we haven’t yet been able to verify if it improved her sleep problems, but I have a feeling it did.)

As an interesting personal side note, I have a very close family member who has had lifelong dreams of being a nun who was bricked into a wall as a capital punishment in what she believes to be a previous life.  One of her primary issues?  Insomnia.  I’m looking forward to delving into that with her.


Do you have any violent or traumatic ancestry, potential skeletons lurking in your inherited subconscious closet?  We can help you identify how your family past affects your emotional and physical present.  While the Emotion Code doesn’t appear to let you Google your ancestry endlessly, you can use it to access information about ancestors as it affects you.  Give us a call at (360) 499-6387 or book an appointment; we’d love to help you do some genealogical detective work.


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