Change your frown, change the world

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Can simply smiling more change the world?

It can certainly change you.  This much we know.  And changing yourself – your self – is where changing the world begins.

69% of participants in a research study conducted by Orbit Complete found women more attractive when they smile than when they were wearing makeup.

Smiling is a universal sign of happiness, a cross-cultural greeting that transcends language and national barriers.

It’s one of the most recognizable facial expressions, identifiable up to 300 feet away.

Smiling naturally improves your mood (thanks, dopamine and serotonin!), boosts your immune system and relieves pain (due to endorphin production) and releases stress (thanks to the release of neuropeptides), making you a better and healthier overall human being.

And … smiles are contagious.  A Swedish study showed participants pictures of several emotions (joy, anger, fear and surprise) and asked them to frown when shown images of smiles.  Routinely, the participants were unable to do anything other than smile.

chimp_and_tiger_5So, given all the scientifically validated and obvious reasons why smiling is better for you and for the world, is there a reason you don’t do it more?  Something less smile-worthy just weighing you down, preventing you from accessing that innate, intuitive desire to beam at the world?

We – as they say – have an app for that: applied kinesiology.  (Okay, I apologize already for that one.)  If you find that you’ve lost that smile lately, why not come in to work with us in exploring what might be turning those smiles upside down?  You may be surprised at how far back the roots of your MSD – Missing Smile Disorder; we just invented that – may go back, and … how easily those roots can be cleared and re-established in something more grin-inducing.

Give us a call at (360) 499-6387 or schedule an appointment online.

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