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Sub-Atomic Particles, Kalapas & Anicha

Thousands of years ago, a meditator and teacher named Gautama Buddha identified them through meditation and named them “kalapas”. Today, we call them sub-atomic particles.

This is what we are all really made out of. We only think we have a physical body because the sub-atomic particles that comprise “me” are vibrating at the correct rate to take on what we understand through our system of sensory functions to be physical form.

Make no mistake, though, we are fluid energetic beings. Always changing, always moving, always adapting. And directly influenced by other sources of energy, as seen in the video with the cosmic rays darting through and between the sub-atomic particles.

This also is an underlying understanding of Buddha’s teachings about “anicha”: the awareness that everything is always changing, always has been changing, and always will be changing, and thus attachment to things staying exactly as they are presently (whether things presently are good or bad) being an inherent and inevitable source of unhappiness.

When we remember that our physical being is little more than a lie told to us by our sensory system and that every thing is always changing … it opens a whole lot of new doors of perceiving, being and healing.

This is a fascinating study, and one that I have conflicting thoughts about. On the one hand, they’re studying the brain’s natural proclivity to suppress unpleasant memories as a means to understanding why that function seems reduced in situations of post-traumatic stress, where unpleasant memories seem more likely to regularly percolate up into conscious awareness.
The skeptics and champions of allopathy – particularly the cranky and militantly myopic web sites like – often derisively refer to alternative medical practices for which that they don’t have an existing framework of documented understanding as “pseudoscience”.   Fake science.  In short, bullshit. This is largely because the body of evidence behind alternative.
“Rapid changes in histone deacetylases and inflammatory gene expression in expert meditators” “In contrast (to a control group), after the brief intervention we detected reduced expression of histone deacetylase genes (HDAC 2, 3 and 9), alterations in global modification of histones (H4ac; H3K4me3) and decreased expression of pro-inflammatory genes (RIPK2 and COX2) in meditators compared.